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Artist Statement
The short time I spent in the 90's in Latin America, has affected my art and my soul. At the same time, when I was studying the Spanish language, I learned body language. I had to observe my surroundings, make me aware of dangers. I studied people's movements and gestures, in order to understand what is happening. That observation is still going on.

The most common motive for my art is people. Even in landscape painting, there is a human being too. I am particularly interested in his movement and posture. The wrist, neck or pelvic posture tells me about the person's feelings. Those feelings build the atmosphere of my paintings by metaphoric way. For example, the jumping person in my painting is not only doing muscle activity, but above all it is an expression of freedom or joy.
I am interested in lights and shadows, because they help to see the surfaces and shapes. In addition, the light has a specific function to me: the light is very often like showing the way to freedom and hope. It also means that the solution is already there. If you do not see the light point, the atmosphere in the painting is somehow waiting.  Perhaps there is a person who has fallen into his memories.

I'm not interested in documenting people, although there is some realism in my paintings. But I am fascinated by realism with little symbolic and mystical characters in the atmosphere. Something more than real life has.  The finnish Art critic Hannu Castrén has defined my art style as Magical Realism. 

My main technique is oil painting, but sometimes I use pastels, ink, and woodcut.
Ilona Rytkönen, painter